A look behind the scenes

My work is entirely done using open-source software packages. For 3D design I work in Blender, whereas 2D image adjustments are done in Gimp.

Working in freely accesible tools not only greatly reduces production costs, but also allows sharing project files with customers for further tuning or use in other context.

Communication is key

Shaping a graphic art to be both visually appealing and scientifically correct requires direct communication between you and me. The evolution of a design from first sketch to final artwork is an exciting process and entails manifold options for conveying the desired message.

I keep you updated with each iteration on the artwork. This gives you certainty to get the graphic you were looking for.

Besides knowing well my design tools I am also very familiar with the partiular demands of scientific publishing. I am actively working in the scientific field myself, with focus on analytical tools in polymer science.